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    Approach Signal is a video production company based out of Sarasota, Florida. We provide full service broadcast ready HD and 4K video production. We create high quality promotional videos, TV commercials, corporate videos, product demos, real estate tours, and training videos for companies throughout Florida. Our Creative studios produce everything from films and web series to animation and music videos.


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  • Caster’s Blog a Geek Love Story Trailer

    Caster’s Blog a Geek Love Story Trailer

    Ray Caster has no idea how to talk to girls. He coasts through life in Sarasota, Florida, writing his blog about beer, pizza and Star Trek. So when he meets Shadoe Beaupre, quite possibly the coolest, most perfect girl he can imagine—he’s completely unprepared. Now Caster needs a crash course in romance, so he enlists the advice of his online followers to man up and get her attention before she surfs away for good. ManaSota Films Project, FlyingCar Pictures and […]

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  • Sarasota Timelapse Project

    Sarasota Timelapse Project

    The Sarasota Timelapse Project is a short film being made by Heath Jordan; an independent filmmaker from Sarasota and Approach Signal Productions. The goal of the project is to show the beauty that is Sarasota from a time-lapse point of view. A lot of the shots are from unique angles, locations, and from all times of the day. Time-lapse photography is a technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured (the frame rate) is much lower than that […]

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  • The Sit (short film)

    The Sit (short film)

    “The Sit” it’s a fantastically funny short film written and directed by the very talented John Lagerholm and produced by Approach Signal. Adventure abounds when George Oakpark is enlisted by his neighbors to babysit their son while they run to the hospital to take care of a family emergency. Behind the Scenes Photos

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  • Caster’s Blog Behind the scenes

    Caster’s Blog Behind the scenes

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  • THE CUBE Complete 1st Season

    THE CUBE Complete 1st Season

    THE CUBE is an office comedy web series about Total Freedom Software, a development company and its dysfunctional cast of characters. This is the complete first season. THE CUBE – Episode:1 The Pilot THE CUBE – Episode:2 Hello Monica THE CUBE – Episode:3 Meet the Intern THE CUBE – Episode:4 Monica Returns THE CUBE – Episode:5 The meeting

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  • Photography Portfolio

    Photography Portfolio

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