Corporate Videos

Approach Signal offers a wide variety of corporate videos. Corporations need high quality videos that show their staff, products, customers, partners, processes and facilities in the best possible light.

Event Videos

Event videos allow you to communicate your message to those not in attendance and Position yourself as an expert to a larger audience. Using a pre-event promotion video helps promote and build interest in your event.

Types of events:

ConferencesMeetingsConvention CoverageStage Events
SpeakersTrainersPanel DiscussionsTradeshows
ExhibitionsEntertainmentBusiness PartiesSports Events

Testimonial Videos

Future customers want to know that they can trust you. A customer testimonial video is one of the most effective ways to win trust. Good client testimonials will set you apart from your competition. Testimonial video production and customer testimonial video clips are useful tools that establish that you can deliver upon your promises. Each customer testimonial video demonstrates that you have already helped others, which is vital in converting prospects.

Recruiting Videos

It can be tough to find the right person and sometimes even tougher to get them to find you. At Approach Signal, we create recruitment videos to help make this process easier. Producing a recruitment video can help you target the right type of candidate and educate them on the culture of your business. By explaining your expectations clearly earlier in the process you will save yourself time in the long run. Videos can also be used to help streamline the interview process.

Facility Tours

Facility tours allow potential customers an inside look at how you operate. If you are a manufacture or a GYM owner you can show your facility has all the equipment that a potential client would be looking for. Facility tours help build interest and promote credibility.

Corporate Videos

Whether on location or at our video production studio in Sarasota, Florida, we aim to make the highest quality videos and make the process efficient and enjoyable. We use only high definition (HD) cameras and are capable of everything from small, one camera shoots as well as larger, multi-camera sessions.

Sarasota Corporate Videos Production

After filming, our video production team will edit the original footage using the latest software and equipment. Our experience and expertise in editing will ensure that the finished product is a professional representation of your business

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