5 Useful Video Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

5 Useful Video Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Attention spans today are shorter than ever. People have content targeted at them all day long and prefer to choose the easiest content to consume. Often, they don’t have the patience to read through posts and articles. They would rather have content delivered to them through video. Text-based posts tend to have a hard time standing out in the middle of a crowd of interesting videos. This is the reason it’s important for your business to invest in video production.

Videos are entertaining to watch, people love them, and they are quickly becoming the most effective way to bring in traffic and engage audiences. Studies actually reveal that 80 percent of all Internet traffic is video-based.

It’s important to understand that videos aren’t just for big businesses. It’s possible for tiny businesses to create engaging videos that viewers love. You need nothing more than a smartphone camera and a great idea to make it happen. If you’re ready to get started using video to boost your business, here are five tips.

Turn your blog posts into videos

If you have interesting blog posts, they can form the basis of great videos. You only need to recycle your blog posts and turn them into videos. There are tools with names like Rocketium and Lumen5 that apply artificial intelligence to help you create videos automatically out of blog posts. You only need to point the software at the blog post that you have in mind. It takes care of the rest, producing a video with appropriate imagery.

Make people stay on your landing page by using video

Videos can do more than help bring traffic and engagement to your site; they can help make you more profitable, as well. A study by video editing company Filmora indicates that the simple act of putting a video on your landing page can improve your conversion rate by 80 percent. Videos make for easy passive consumption, encouraging visitors to stay and spend more time. It is time during which they can be converted.

Exploit live video to get in touch with your audience

Speaking directly to your audience is one of the best ways that you have of connecting to them. Live streaming is an excellent way to directly get in touch with your customers. It can be done on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, and can bring in lots of viewers.

Doing a question-and-answer session is one way to do live streaming in an interesting way. It can help you position yourself as an expert in your field, and can bring in people interested in having their questions answered.

Create teaser videos to bring in interest

Companies often go through slow periods. Your customer base can begin to forget about you during these times. You can turn to creating teaser videos when this happens. Whether you’re planning a new event or product, a few seconds of video that give your viewers a quick look at what’s to come can keep everyone on the edge of their seats. You might even design a contest based on your teaser video. You could ask your viewers to guess at the features of your product or event.

Create tutorials

Whatever industry you may belong to, you probably possess expertise that others value. Creating video tutorials that let you share your knowledge with others can help bring viewers to your website, and create interest in your product.

The ideas here can help you create interesting new videos for your business. All you need to do is to commit to the video medium, understand it well, and create new content. Whether you create a live video, tutorials, or video posts, you’ll find that video makes it much easier to attract and retain an audience.