ManaSota Films Project #1 Announced: Caster’s Blog

ManaSota Films Project #1 Announced: Caster’s Blog

Sarasota, FL – February 6, 2014: The ManaSota Films Project is pleased to announce that we will be producing Caster’s Blog: A Geek Love Story, a short story/film idea submitted by Austin and Sherrie McKinley. Caster’s Blog is a screenplay written by Austin based on his friend Marcus Alexander Hart’s novel by the same title. We are also pleased to announce that Austin has been chosen to direct and his wife Sherrie will act as producer.

Caster’s Blog: a Geek Love Story
A socially awkward blogger struggles to win the perfect woman with the advice of his online followers.

Ray Caster has no idea how to talk to girls. He coasts through life in Sarasota, Florida, writing his blog about beer, pizza and Star Trek. So when he meets Shadoe Beaupre—quite possibly the coolest, most perfect girl he can imagine—he’s completely unprepared. Now Caster needs a crash course in romance, so he enlists the advice of his online followers to man up and get her attention before she surfs away for good.

Austin McKinley – Director
AUSTIN McKINLEY is a multiple award-winning author, cartoonist and video producer. He was the 2011 grand prize winner of the national TVMe television treatment contest, and the Florida Film Network’s 2012 Operation: Logline contest, which facilitated the production of his third short film, “Quicklime.” His short film “Life in a Glass House” took home an honorable mention from the 2013 Boston Science Fiction Film Festival. Austin’s worked in video games, comic books, local television, and created video segments for live performances with the Sarasota Orchestra. He wrote and illustrated Squareasota, a weekly cartoon in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune for seven years.

Sherrie McKinley – Producer
SHERRIE McKINLEY has been producing films with Austin since 2008. They met doing student theater at Ringling College of Art & Design, where Sherrie co-directed Marcus Alexander Hart’s science fiction sex farce “Walkin’ on Sunshine.” She’s proud to have been a part of such fine film crews, and is constantly inspired and humbled by their many talents. She enjoys facilitating the logistics necessary to bring their vision to life. Sherrie is a graphic design manager for the Sarasota Orchestra where she concepts and produces marketing materials and art directs photo shoots.

Austin’s Directing and Sherrie producing credits include:

2014 – THE MOP-UP CREW (post produciton) – Web Pilot / FlyingCar Pictures
2013 – QUICKLIME – Short Film / Florida Film Network, FlyingCar Pictures
2013 – LIFE IN A GLASS HOUSE – Short Film / FlyingCar Pictures
2008 – THE LAST WORD – Short Film / FlyingCar Pictures

Marcus Alexander Hart – Novel
MARCUS ALEXANDER HART is the author of “Caster’s Blog: A Geek Love Story,” the tale of one improbable year told as an online journal; and “Walkin’ on Sunshine: A Quantum Physics Sex Farce.” His apocalyptic comedy novel “The Oblivion Society” was a 2008 IPPY Award gold medalist. Marcus has also written for television, including episodes of Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place” and “Lab Rats.”

Mark Troy – Producer
MARK TROY established ManaSota Films in 2012 to provide a community platform for Sarasota/Bradenton area actors and film makers. Mark began acting in 2009 and also wrote and directed his own film “The Lon Chaney Thing”, which has been screened at several film festivals.

Heath Jordan – Producer
HEATH JORDAN is a very successful serial entrepreneur; he has founded, sold and owned several businesses and startups. He has a background in information technology, design and marketing. He is the owner, producer, director of Approach Signal a commercial and creative production studio. His current project THE CUBE just finished filming in Sarasota. He has also produced and directed a number of top selling workout DVD’s.

About The ManaSota Films Project

The ManaSota Films Project was founded by Mark Troy of ManaSota Films & Heath Jordan of Approach Signal in 2013. The mission of the ManaSota Films Project is to create community productions showcasing local talent: film makers, writers, actors, directors, cinematographers, crews, editors and our beautiful Gulf Coast community. “There is a tremendous amount of interest, talent and experience among film makers and actors in the area. The ManaSota Films Project is tapping into these resources to create quality entertainment and also to provide a platform for those who would like to learn the various aspects of filmmaking.”