The Basics of YouTube Marketing

If you are thinking of using YouTube to market your business, you need to do this correctly. There are over 50 million people on the platform churning out videos, which makes it harder to stand out. Add to this the fact that YouTube viewers are not big fans of advertising, so understand that you have a tough market to crack. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to start your YouTube marketing on the right foot.

Do Your Research

Before you look at opening a YouTube account for your business, you need to do some research. The first bit of research should relate to your target audience. If you do not know your audience, you are not going to be successful with YouTube marketing. You need to know how you want to target and the types of videos that they are going to watch.

Once you know your audience, you must do some research into your competitors. Competitor analysis is vital if you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Look for your competitors on YouTube and consider the content that they put out there. You also need to take note of the videos that get the most views and actually watch them to get a better understanding of them. Remember that your competitors are also researching your target audience and the videos they make can help you with that.

Create High-Quality Videos

No one is going to watch a video that is grainy or so dark that they need to squint to see what is happening. When you shoot your videos, you need to ensure that they are well lit and that your viewers can easily see what is going on. You should also ensure that any audio is clear and that everyone will be able to understand it.

The length of your videos also needs to be considered. The length that works for one type of video is not going to work for another, and you need to consider this. This is where the research on your competitor can come in handy. Check the length of the videos that do well for them, and you can use that as a ballpark length. Some online guides will give you some rough guidelines on the length you should target as well.

Optimize Your Videos

To get the most value out of the videos you post on YouTube, you need to optimize them for SEO. This optimization will not only help you get viewers from YouTube searches but from the other search engines as well. YouTube videos often appear at the top of Google results, but only if they have been correctly optimized.

To start your optimization, you need to have the right title for the video with the right keywords. The title should be as relevant to the content of the video as possible. After this, you need to add an interesting thumbnail and a good description. Add some hashtags to your video description as well, but they should be hyper-relevant.

There are a lot of steps that you should take when it comes to YouTube marketing. Research is vital, and you need to look into your target audience and your competition. You also need to ensure that you optimize your videos correctly.

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