Video Content Marketing is Critical for your Business

Imagine for a minute new prospects and customers visiting your website daily, looking to buy your product. While there are many marketing methods to attract customers, one of the most powerful, simplest, and affordable ways is to create compelling and unique content.

Quite frankly, producing and posting content for your company’s website is essential to attracting new leads and customers. In today’s technologically dependent world, your business will certainly not survive without it.

When producing new content, many entrepreneurs and website content creators stop at writing blog posts or articles and forget the power behind video. Some are honestly afraid that a video may be too complicated or time-consuming to bother trying to make. However, there are some very compelling reasons to overcome any potential roadblocks and start using video content marketing as soon as possible.

Recent statistics suggest 80 percent of all internet traffic will be video before the end of 2019. On top of that, 9 out of 10 customers make a buying decision based on watching a video first. And probably not surprisingly, nearly 33 percent of the time a person spends online is devoted to watching videos.

Here is another huge reason to use video content marketing in your business: Video content is much easier to remember than reading a bunch of text. Potential customers remember watching a video about a product far more than reading about it. An added bonus is that prospects tend to share videos more often than text-based articles, significantly boosting potential reach with the possibility to go viral.

Speaking of going viral, video content has been exploding on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter over the last couple of years. Facebook, with its massive and diverse member base of 2 billion people, claims over 100 million hours of video are watched on the platform every single day. Once only for pictures, phone apps like SnapChat and Instagram are substantially updating their formats to be more video user-friendly.

As more and more people become inseparable from their mobile devices, the consumption of video content on smartphones and tablets has surged as well. Consumers want information on the go, and mobile devices can provide that quickly. Nowadays, someone is far more likely to reach for their phone when wanting to look something up and tend to click on videos to find it. With the relatively small screen size of mobile devices, users will quickly click off a web page filled with text.

Considering the benefits and crucial nature, video content is a must for any marketing plan. Consumers want to buy and buy from you. More than any other type of content, video acts as a natural attractor to your company.

As much as some try to ignore it, video content is on the rise and is not going away. Now more than ever, your potential customers are using video to find you and your product. Now is the time to give it to them.

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