Casting Call “The Sit”

THE SIT (Short)

LOGLINE:  George is enlisted by his neighbors to babysit their son, Freddy, when they have to make an emergency trip to the hospital.

Will be shot in Sarasota August 2014
Produced by: Approach Signal

Written an Directed by John Lagerholm

We are casting for primary and supporting roles.

GEORGE OAKPARK – Late 20s to 30s male.  Average guy, likes to keep to himself but friendly enough to people he meets.  Not too involved in the neighborhood but is happy to help out when someone needs a hand.

FREDDY TUTTLE – Late 20s to 30s male.  A ridiculous man child who lives with his parents and is content to have them do everything for him.  He is an idiot who, when left to his own devices, loves to do things that he shouldn’t.

MARGE TUTTLE – A 65+ mother with a say at home son.  She takes charge and has a plan.  If everyone would just follow it everything would be ok.

JIM TUTTLE – Marge’s husband, also 65+.  He helps Marge out but is annoyed with his son’s actions.

NURSE SARAH – Any age.  A female Nurse/Receptionist at the hospital front desk.  Will be in scrubs.

DR. MIKE – Any age. A doctor, male or female conversing with Nurse Sarah.  Will be in scrubs, lab coat and stethoscope.

NURSE DAVE – Non-speaking.  Any age.  Male nurse pushing Wheelchair patient.  Will be in scrubs.

WHEELCHAIR PATIENT – Non-speaking.  Any age. Injured person in a wheelchair being pushed by Nurse Dave.

HEAD WOUND PATIENT – Non-speaking. Any age, male or female.  A patient waiting in the lobby of the hospital for treatment.


Please email your contact info, resume, headshot or recent photo and demo reel to by 7/14/14

Please let us know the best way to get in contact with you too.